On Saturday, April 8, 2017, my solo show "Glass Darkly" opens at the High Street Gallery in Beaumont, Texas!

This show will feature photographs produced over the last two years, all with a central theme of exploring the dim, imperfect, distorted way we see ourselves and others.

I need your help...

Putting on a show is time-consuming and expensive, and you can help me tremendously with four simple things, all of which you can do right now:

1. Vote

Scroll down to the photo gallery and use the icons to help me decide which pieces I include in the show.

2. Share

Share this page, and invite your friends. Every like, comment, share, retweet, and post will help get the word out to a wider audience than my own little circle of friends and fans. Even better -- please invite your friends on Facebook!

3. Mark Your Calendar

If you are in the Beaumont area, come see the show! Click here to add this event to your calendar, and here for the Facebook event. Seeing these pieces in person is a very different experience than peering at them on a tiny phone screen, and there will be a few pieces never seen before online or offline!

4. Sponsor a Piece

Purchase a print from the gallery below at a very special price. Your print will hang in the show, and I'll send it along to you when the show closes at the end of April.

8" × 10"
11" × 14"

Only one of each will be sold at this rate. The gallery will receive a commission, as it would if you bought it at the show. These are signed, archival prints in a limited edition of 7.

Click the thumbnail, go to Details, then click Purchase and tell me how you want to pay (PayPal, check, or cash) and we'll work out the details. Shipping is a flat $5 for US destinations, or at cost if you're outside the States.

Thank you!