Please send me your contact information and I'll let you know when I'm looking for models in your area!


Seeking Volunteers

I'm indebted to the 200+ volunteer models I've worked with over the last decade or so. Without them, I could not create my art.

If you would like to model, please let me know! Experience doesn't matter, all I'm looking for are people who love art and want to be a part of the process.

My work is intended to represent the full diversity of the human form--gender, size, age, ethnicity, etc., limited only by who volunteers.


My personal work is almost exclusively of the Nude. Anonymous, uncredited posing is possible for some projects. Otherwise, you need to be comfortable with the idea that someone may recognize you in an art gallery or online.


If you're helping me with my own concepts, I don't charge, and I'm happy to provide web-resolution JPEG files of any pieces I finish (usually 2-6).

I can't afford to pay for professional models. I'm still, unfortunately, limited to trade. If there's anything non-monetary I can help you with (shooting other content just for you, helping with a retouching problem, etc.), please let me know.

If you want something just for you, you can hire me for a private commission, or we may be able to work out a shoot-for-shoot trade.

Unedited photographs from a session are only available for viewing in person. As with any artist, I only release the final work, not the raw materials.

Anyone who has modeled for me can buy my prints at a 50% discount off normal prices to keep or resell.


I pose, light, and perform light retouching to capture the essential beauty of a person and remove visual distractions, but I do not change their shape or airbrush them into plastic. No one has a perfect body or skin, and everyone has their own insecurities, "flaws," scars, etc.


I book most shoots less than a week in advance. For local shoots, I usually post on Facebook first, then I email models on my contact list. For traveling models, I can book up to a few months in advance.

Please contact me on Facebook, via email (, or on MM, let me know you're interested, and be sure I have your email address and a contact number.

I maintain a safe, respectful, professional environment. Please show up sober, with no children or pets (unless previously arranged). You may bring someone for support as long as they are over 18 and aren't disruptive.