Note: this piece is panoramic, so while the prices and editions above are the same, the paper and border sizes are different. I generally print panoramic pieces on a larger paper to maximize the image and minimize excess border. For example, this photograph would be printed on a 20×30 paper rather than 22×28, resulting in an image that is over 15% larger. Please email me for more details.

Shipping and Payment

When ordering, please include your general location (to estimate shipping) and how you wish to make payment. Payment can be via PayPal (preferred), personal check (US only), or cash (in person only). I don't take cashier's checks or money orders. Please allow two weeks for delivery here in the States, longer for overseas orders.


I release my work in a single Limited Edition (7 in most cases). All sizes share the same edition—e.g., I don't print 7 in each size, I print 7 total.

Most prints are produced as they are ordered, giving you the choice of the size you prefer. Some are printed in advance (usually for exhibition). Smaller-sized prints (8″ × 10″ and 11″ × 14″) are only available for prints #1-4.


These are standard chromogenic prints. Matte-finish, archival photographic paper is exposed to a digital master and processed using RA-4 chemistry. This creates a continuous-tone print, as with a print from analog film. There is no ink involved, so these prints are far superior to inkjet/glicée processes. Cared for properly, my prints can have a lifetime of 100+ years.

By default, prints are delivered unmounted, with a small white border for ease in handling and mounting. I inspect each print by hand and sign and number them on the reverse (a larger border and obverse signature is available on request).

If you have any other questions, please contact me directly at


Subject to my ability, if your print is ever damaged due to shipping mishandling, natural disaster, fire, accident, humidity, fading, etc., I will replace your print once free of charge. Just ship the damaged print back to me and pay for shipping back to you. The replacement print will be given the same number in the edition as the original (I will destroy the original), and will be produced from the same master image.


I use graduated pricing—the price increases with the print number. This allows me to reward early collectors of a work, while helping to protect the value of collectors' investments.