Richard Tallent's work is primarily representational figures captured in photographs and photography-based mixed media. His goal is to use the visual vocabulary of the human form to convey his viewpoint on the human experience itself—one of imperfection, frailty, beauty, solitude, resolve, faith, and dignity.

In addition to light studies and other studio work, Richard enjoys working with natural light in extreme environments, such as underwater, in abandoned or public spaces, in stark natural settings, and anywhere else that, like the Nude itself, evokes a strange yet familiar beauty.

Richard's work has strong chiaroscuro, with textured shadows and a monochromatic palette. Color, when present, is restrained, filling an intentional role in the piece without overshadowing the importance of Value. His figures are rarely abstracted, yet are not explicit or gratuituous. While he is a fan of master photographers of the human form (especially Weston, Bernhard, and Woodman), his strongest influences are High Renaissance and Neoclassical sculpture and painting. As with color, the role of narrative in his work is limited, preferring aesthetics over overt emotional, political, or religious tones.

Richard's earliest works were primarily street photography—candids influenced by Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, and others. He moved from there into work inspired by contemporary editorial fashion. He then transitioned to working almost exclusively with the Nude, eschewing the complexities of shooting fashion (stylists, wardrobe, makeup, etc.) and the restrictive traditional beauty and body type biases of the fashion genre.

Richard, his wife Delanea, and their two children (Cora and William) live in Beaumont, Texas, where Richard works in software development and environmental consulting by day and creates in his spare time.

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