Richard Tallent

Beaumont, Texas based software developer, artist, genealogist, geek, etc.

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As a professional web developer, I care deeply about making web sites easier to create and maintain, faster, and safer. That can only happen when everyone does their part to keep their personal computers up to date.

Internet Explorer is a very, very old web browser with countless problems. Please upgrade to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari (all of which are free and awesome) and feel free to come back.

Software Development

I'm a full-stack web developer, focused on data-driven web applications using ASP.NET / .NET Core, SQL Server, and agile, lightweight front-end frameworks such as VueJS and SemanticUI.

Fine Art Photography

The remainder of my site is primarily related to my work as an artist. While not erotic, my work does depict the human form and may not be appropriate for viewing in all situations.


Underwater gallery photo
Pieces created in my underwater studio here in Beaumont, Texas. New projects will resume in May 2018.
Environmental gallery photo
Work created primarily in abandoned spaces and natural settings.
Studio gallery photo
Figure studies and other work produced in my studio.
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2360 Harrison, Beaumont, TX 77702
>+1-409-781-3128 (9a-9p CST)